2017 Officials :

Youth Movement Secretary: Jasmine Thomas

Youth Movement / MGOCSM report

"A Church without Youth is a Church without a future. Moreover, Youth without a Church is Youth without a future." - Pope Shenouda III, Pope & Patriarch of Alexandria.

There are currently about 35 heavily participating youth members involved in our MGOCSM, with the following elected office bearers:

Vice President- Shelvin Varghese

Secretary- Jasmine Thomas

Joint Secretary- Alisha Thomas

Treasurer- Joel Joshua

Parish Representative- Ashley Thomas

Throughout the year of 2016, the youth has been more active than ever. We hosted multiple MGOCSM area events, including the Back to School Barbeque, Camp of the Chosen, and many Friday night fellowships. We also attended various events around the area of Staten Island and New Jersey including the Thanksgiving Conference, the Lenten Retreat, and the Back to School Retreat. We also held our annual Fastover which had a night of prayer, songs, games, and fellowship. The MGOCSM also had a bake sale, and a raffle which both were a success. We also took part in World Day of Prayer that was hosted in our church. There are five of our MGOCSM members that are a part of the New Jersey Leadership Camp Committee, and three of our members a part of the area committee as council member, public relations, and treasurer. The MGOCSM once again took part in organizing the OVBS by decorating, being teachers, and organizing the game sessions, and leading praise and worship. We also participated in the Christmas and camp programs. We hosted the NJLC Talent Show where many of us were heavily involved and also many of our members participated with dances, songs, and music. The MGOCSM also raised over $100 for Haiti after the disastrous earthquake in 2016. We hope next year will be even better than this year and wish everyone the best of luck. We ask for everybody’s prayers to have another prosperous year.


Jasmine Thomas - Secretary

Vicar and President

Rev. Fr. Babu K Mathew.

Ph: (201) 562-6112



Jerish Varghese

Ph: (201)-621-1003



Jose Thomas

Ph: (201)-983-9025